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Shane Birley | Shane's World

Shane Birley

We play table top pool and chess. Did you ever try that combination before?

We play Scrabble (again) and we manage to make it through without getting to boring.

I talk about process and how I make this podcast. It is probably as boring as it sounds.

Jim Carrey gave a speech about fear, work, and decisions. How do these change your life? A lot.

I talk about how I am attempting to expand my social circle and crawl out of my shell a bit. I also blabber about conferences.

I get a little intense talking about the human moments I think we all avoid. I wish for things to get better but can't do it without others.

I talk about some projects that have cropped up lately with people trying to break down the isolation walls between people and strangers.

How you deal with letting your expectations get away on you (which results in disappointment) can tell you a lot about yourself.

I try to sort out my feelings about being vulnerable and why that isn't supposed to be.

I offer some uneducated fatherly advice that I know nothing about at all. But, hey, offering something is better than nothing, I think?


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My name is Shane Birley and I am a creative guy and a huge geek. I went off to school to get literature degree but ended up in the technology industry. I am best described as a technologist or a nerd but I am trying to release my inner poet.

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