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Shane Birley | Shane's World

Shane Birley

We talk about a bunch of things such as the history of Go Fish and how it differs from a lot of other games. It is indeed a unique game of cunning and evil doing.

Lock Fulton appears on this intense Munchkin-centric episode and he helps us fight against the pending apocalypse. We also dish on all things Downton Abbey because it is cool just like the BBC.

Just talking about work some more... yah, that is about all I talk about these days.

Just talking as I normally do... almost two years after the last talking thing I normally do.

We talk about Candy Crushes gaining a trademark on the word "candy". Of course, there are certain limitations yet Shane is outraged. This turns into a conversation about Apple and their history with trademark lawsuits and a bunch of other related things.


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My name is Shane Birley and I am a creative guy and a huge geek. I went off to school to get literature degree but ended up in the technology industry. I am best described as a technologist or a nerd but I am trying to release my inner poet.

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