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Shane Birley

Dammit, fear! Why don't you just leave me alone!

Whoa, friends, family, and other stressful things takea hit in ths episode. Don't get confortable quite yet as you may be next...

Crack addicts, e-mail, business, and other things are discussed in this episode. I am all over the map but I make it interesting or, at the very least, confusing to listen to. Make sure to listen closely.

This one is from the vaults. Recorded back in 2012, I was apparently annoyed by a bunch of people talking about how there is truth to existence or something. I was a little pissed off.

This one is from the vault. We recorded this episode (when the podcast didn't have a title yet) back in January of 2011 right after we hit up a production of Avenue Q. We chatted about some other productions and just follow that train to see where it went.


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My name is Shane Birley and these are my stories.

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