The ShaneCast / Episode 32 / Dealing With Disappointment

How you deal with letting your expectations get away on you (which results in disappointment) can tell you a lot about yourself.

The ShaneCast / Episode 31 / Be Vulnerable

I try to sort out my feelings about being vulnerable and why that isn't supposed to be.

The ShaneCast / Episode 30 / Offering Something Is Better Than Nothing

I offer some uneducated fatherly advice that I know nothing about at all. But, hey, offering something is better than nothing, I think?

Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 8 - The Flush Twins & The Pair Guy

We've battled it out in a variety of games but poker seems to bring out our inner warriors. And why do jerks get ahead of nice people?

Photo courtesy of pdpics' Sachin Patekar.

The ShaneCast / Episode 29 / The Quantum Voices

I talk about my love for high level maths and quantum mechanics. Yet, I know almost nothing about the subject but it still fascinates me!