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Shane Birley

I try to make a case for talking about meaningful things but, as usual, I drift around and follow the paths in my brain matter.

I talk about fear and how it can paralyze you... I have been suffering with this for a very long time and, I think, I have become fed up. I have challenged myself to fight back and relax... the fear for me, not much longer.

More about how to blast the thought fog from your brain. Everything that you think can get stopped up... but w

We make a new game with magnetic poetry tiles and demo it live... sort of. Lock Fulton guest stars.

I talk about Rob Ford. Why? I have no idea but I think there is more to the situation than meets the eye...


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My name is Shane Birley and I am a creative guy and a huge geek. I went off to school to get literature degree but ended up in the technology industry. I am best described as a technologist or a nerd but I am trying to release my inner poet.

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