Below is just a plain old listing of all the stuff I have written, recorded, or somehow posted on the site. It is sorted by month and year. Check them out and share them with the world... wooorld.... ooorld... orld.. (dramatic echo).


The Sound of Awesome - Episode 119 - Little Bits

Just a few more bits about some other things.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 118 - Ashes To Ashes

I work out some things when I have to go do something I never wanted to do.

The ShaneCast - Episode 71 - The Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting for 2016

It is that time of year again where we attempt to express ourselves and not feel silly.

Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 20 - War and Queens

We talk about queens, kings, governments, and war.

The ShaneCast - Episode 70 - We're Not Robots

I ramble about how we're not humans, pugs, being responsible, etc. I am not sure if there is a specific topic in here but I challenge you to help me find it.

The ShaneCast - Episode 69 - When Connections Matter

I admit it. I have been finding nothing but frustration with adult relationships. Something about friendships is broken and, as an adult, I am curious what that means. What is it about relationships that are so hard and why do we expect so much from others?

The Late Hour - Episode 3 - Podcasts, Outdoors, and Stuff

This is an episode for the record books. We cover so much territory here, it is worth a listen.

The Late Hour - Episode 2 - Brexit and Freeballin' Energy

We talk about all kinds of things from politics to how to save energy.

Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 19 - International Day of Podcasting in 2015


We recorded because it was time...

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 117 - Say Stupid Things

As always, I talk about one thing and my brain wanders into the next thing.

Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 18 - On Vacation

We take a short holiday into the state of Washington and look upon Mount Baker with... relaxed game playing.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 116 - The Vet & Animal Control

Faith needs to go to the vet for a booster shot and I make animal control threats.

Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 17 - Allyson Yells At The Riders

We talk about how Ally's love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders is something... unbound to human knowledge.

The ShaneCast - Episode 68 - Feeling Lonely In The Universe

It is all about the small blue planet that we call home. I was learning (albeit not entirely correct in my description) about all of this and I felt a little bit lonely.

The ShaneCast - Episode 67 - You Complete Me

I am chattering about what I have been up to and how I built myself a new recording booth.

The ShaneCast - Episode 66 - Getting Sorted

First things first, I wrote a book. Please do check it out because it is incredibly pretty and I am going to toot my horn about it over the next little while because I am quite proud of it. Oh, and I did another episode of the ShaneCast talking a lot about my book and some other stuff.

The Late Hour Podcast - Episode 1 - Where It All Began

A couple of friends sat down one Sunday night and talked about doing a podcast together. This is the first episode that they did a month or so later. It covers all kinds of topics... late at night.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 115 - What's Up With Small Talk?

I talk a bit about small talk and how it is hard for some people to start chatting with people they don't know. I am not one who is very good with small talk but I try my best.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 114 - Hard Connections

I talk a bit about friends and being vulnerable and how it is those two properties of people in the world are what makes life and friends worth having and nurturing.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 113 - Research Into My Brain

I've been thinking lately about how I should do a podcast or some sort of creative sharing that includes reporting on things I learn... but not make it as boring as it sounds.

The ShaneCast - Episode 65 - When You Get Another Piece of Someone

I received a piece of someone the other day and it reminded me of just how important that is.

The ShaneCast - Episode 64 - Creative People Under Stress Make Nothing

I have been gone for a while and I only am just realizing how much stress changes my behaviour. It is silly, I know but stress can do all kinds of crazy things to you -- including halting you in your creative tracks.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 112 - More Faith Needed

Another trip to the vet (a day later) for her surgery. It is hard to have a dog in pain and the surgery fixed it all.

Faith In Pugs

There isn't much to say about this episode -- but I had to take my little pug to the vet because she had some serious health issues that needed tending to. My life is not always about Serendipity the Pug.

The ShaneCast / Episode 63 / Overly Overwhelmed

The world is very overwhelming at the moment and I am experiencing a day where I feel a little left out.

The ShaneCast / Episode 62 / It's All Broken Still

I am becoming a broken record but that won't stop me from speaking my crazy mind. Aren't you all worried that everything is going to hell? Or wait, is that just me?

The ShaneCast / Episode 61 / Turning A Corner

I have some positive things to say about myself and I am quite happy about that.

The ShaneCast / Episode 60 / Shut Up, I Know Who Preston Manning Is Now!

There was a time when I wouldn't hurt a fly. And then the Borg came. Oh, wait, not the Borg -- it was politics.

The Sound of Awesome / Episode 110 / Life & Buckets of Balls

I have to be moving to get this podcast out. This will make you all feel better. I don't know why but, hey, trust me.

The ShaneCast / Episode 59 / The Desperation of Meeting

Things get a little heated with me on this episode. I have been reading far too much about the disconnection of the social media dweller and I think it is incredibly important for us to step back and stop for a while.

The ShaneCast / Episode 58 / Musings On Video Blogging Nonsense

I blabber about some future project that has been kicking around in my brain for a while. Hopefully, I will get it done.

The ShaneCast / Episode 57 / Writing Books & Protecting Kids

I am in the middle of writing a new children's book about blogging and I was surprised how hard it became. With blogging, how do you explain to a young child that they are awesome and not a bad kid just because some asshat makes fun of you.

The ShaneCast / Episode 56 / We Will 3D Print Our Extinction

I convince myself that we're headed to a 3D printed extinction.

The ShaneCast / Episode 55 / Random Thoughts and Internet Vigilantism

I start off in one direction and somewhere found that Internet bullies was a more fascinating topic.

Shoes In The Living Room / Episode 16 / Games In A Box

We dust off a tin box and see what games lurk inside. Action ensues and a champion is revealed.

The ShaneCast - Episode 54 - The Feels and The Wrong Microphone

Using the wrong microphone is amazingly awesome as I chat about all of the things I have been thinking and feeling about the world.

The ShaneCast - Episode 53 - Enough With The Machine People!

In this episode, I chatter about how I am attempting to expose myself... to new experiences. I do lapse into the whole evolution of communication rant but not for too long.

The ShaneCast - Episode 52 - That Bug In My Ear

I chatter further about the disconnect people have between themselves and other human beings. I know it will get old eventually but, right now, I am feeling very strong on the subject.

The ShaneCast - Episode 51 - May It All Be With You

I talk a little bit more about things I should really stop ranting about. I hit Star Wars, personal projects, and then I rant (again) about how being an adult is hard.

The ShaneCast - Episode 50 - Suffering But I Made It With A Smile

I talk about how I fell into the comparison trap and wallowed in it for a few days. But I made it out only to have to cuddle my pugs.

The ShaneCast - Episode 49 - What Star Wars Says About Me

I talk about Star Wars. What more do you need to know?

The Sound of Awesome / Episode 109 / When The World Got Bigger

I recall a time when I had a moment when I could see the world grow.

The ShaneCast / Episode 48 / Leveling Up To Weird Guy

I join a party in progress and realize that I am that weird guy who shows up, acts a little weird, and then leaves... it was a brilliant experience but something I don't ever want to repeat.

The ShaneCast / Episode 47 / The History of Serendipity the Pug

I start to talk about one thing and end up chatting about my dog Serendipity because... well, she has been dominating my world this last year with her lack of mobility. I am not sure if I have ever really talked about her in such detail but, hey, one must have a hobby.

Shoes In The Living Room / Episode 15 / We Were Only Level One

We sat down to play some Munchkin and found out just how ruthless Allyson's style of gaming can be.\\We sat down to play some Munchkin and found out just how ruthless Allyson's style of gaming can be.

The ShaneCast / Episode 46 / Getting It Deep From Dave

I invited a good friend to the show this week. His name is Dave and he and I share very similar thoughts about a whole lot of things. We talk about religion, philosophy, and a few other tidbits you may find riveting.

The Sound of Awesome / Episode 108 / How The Stress Grows Claws

I talk about a bunch of things but the stress still makes itself known. I talk about a bunch of things but the stress still makes itself known.

The Sound of Awesome / Episode 107 / Stating The Obvious: The Universe Wants to Kill Us

I talk a bit about my day... and then get all serious and try to convince you that the universe is out to get us. I talk a bit about my day... and then get all serious and try to convince you that the universe is out to get us.

The Sound of Awesome / Episode 106 / Where I Mention That My Work Ethic Is Stupid

I talk a bit about how I work and how I want to work and how it all doesn't match up. At least, I don't think so.

The Sound of Awesome / Episode 105 / Fighting The Midday Blues

We moved out and fought the midday blues. With the building being sold and our wonder at what the next chapter is in our lives, we made a huge move recently.\\We moved out and fought the midday blues. With the building being sold and our wonder at what the next chapter is in our lives, we made a huge move recently.

The Sound of Awesome / Episode 104 / We Beat IKEA Furniture With A Sledgehammer

We purged a lot of stuff from our old office and got rid of some crappy furniture. There may have been some thrilling heroics.

The ShaneCast / Episode 45 / Who Talks About This Stuff, Anyway?

I talk a lot about personal growth, business, and a few other cool things I have been up to. Basically, who talks about the stuff I like to talk about...


Our fifth adventure means we talk about chocolate and video games. How could this conversation go wrong? We touch on some older video games like Scorched Earth which is an epic game. Also, we're getting used to doing this and we hope we're making it awesome. Thanks for the positive feedback we've received!


Our fourth kick at the can is a low energy episode where we talk about deep topics that men are concerned with: 50 Shades of Grey and a bunch of other really... non-manly things. We're real men! Really! We are! We don't need to justify Valentine's Day and Steak and Blowjob Day.


Our third episode begins with a tragic event. We couldn't find the beer we all wanted... it was sad. We just used beers that were laying around the house and talked about those -- because, if you can't say something about the beer you have on hand, you shouldn't have any beer in the house in the first place! (Except Dave. He didn't. He drank soda water. The silly boy.)


    We embark on our second episode with a new friend -- Lock! He is a beer expert with beer drinking experience from three continents. He is a fountain of beer knowledge and shows us quite often how much we need to learn. We secretly think he has injected hops directly into his central nervous system.

    The Beer


    We moved out of our office because something cooler was appearing over the horizon.


    Here we are, people. This is where it all began. Mark it on your calendars because there is no going back! We've hit the scene and we're going to make our mark. We're not entirely sure what that mark will be but we know it will be awesome. Just remember: The boys have arrived on the scene.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 44 / Tell Them About The Paper

    This is where the letter writing gets serious. Well, it does for a little while anyway.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 43 / They Are Listening To My Private Parts

    While I was away, close family revealed they have been listening to my podcasts. How does that make you feel...

    The ShaneCast / Episode 42 / The Awe Filled Sound

    I can't explain this episode at all. You should just listen and see why...


    A quick note from Shane and Anthony about Podcast Movement.


    I talk about my desire for new equipment... a lot.


    I just try to scream it out on this one. I ask you to join. It was very relaxing to me.


    I talk about stuff I was going to do... but didn't do until six months later.


    I talk a little bit about bandwagons and the death of Robin Williams.


    I talk about my hopes for Podcast Movement and Justin Bieber. I was so looking forward to it...

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 14 - Shane Fell Down & Allyson Talks For 1001 Days

    Shane fell down in the bathroom and Allyson tells us that doing something for 1001 days is a good idea. Shane fell down in the bathroom and Allyson tells us that doing something for 1001 days is a good idea.

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 13 - Cooking Shane's Meat

    Allyson prepares some yummy pork leg while Shane instructs us all on how to be really, really happy. Allyson prepares some yummy pork leg while Shane instructs us all on how to be really, really happy.


    I talk a lot about plans, futures, and how I am kicking fear in the balls. And some other stuff.


    And we're back in Vancouver getting ready to power through the next year with a vengeance.


    It has been a long couple of weeks of visiting, sugar intake, and family... and we're kind of done now.


    I need structure to get started in the creative sense. I talk about that and a few other things regarding 2015. I also talk about a few things from my childhood.


    This is the first day of the rest of my 2015... and my life. Now, where in the hell is my hover board?

    The ShaneCast / Episode 41 / Holiday Fear Smashing

    Smashing fear during the holidays. I can't believe it came to this.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 40 / Canadian National Day of Podcasting

    I managed it... wonder how long it will take me to post this. I talk about the summer and what it is like to attend awesomeness that is a conference.

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 12 - Why Do This Thing?

    We talk about what it is we do here... and police shows.

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 11 - December & Everything After

    We talk about hair colour, the holidays, and what podcasting and blogging we're going to do over the month of December.


    I talk about Vancouver and allergies. Yes, riveting.


    I yabber on about some things related to needing a break and needing some silence. Sensing a trend here...


    This one came out of no where. But I tell myself off and what I am going to be doing a year out.


    I talk a lot about books and stuff. You may want to get ready for this one.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 39 / Yah, I'm In The Band

    Recorded right before I hit up Disneyland. I realized I was going to do something silly like (sort of) start a band. Let's see where this goes...

    The ShaneCast / Episode 38 / Searching For Silence

    I talk about looking for silence in my noisy world. I search again for silence in which to record this podcast and the universe appears to get in my way.

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 10 - The Chess Club Pool

    We play table top pool and chess. Did you ever try that combination before?

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 9 - Scrabble Sequel

    We play Scrabble (again) and we manage to make it through without getting to boring.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 37 / The Unsexy Process

    I talk about process and how I make this podcast. It is probably as boring as it sounds.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 36 / The Loving Fear

    Jim Carrey gave a speech about fear, work, and decisions. How do these change your life? A lot.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 35 / Neighbours and Conferences

    I talk about how I am attempting to expand my social circle and crawl out of my shell a bit. I also blabber about conferences.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 34 / Avoiding Those Human Moments

    I get a little intense talking about the human moments I think we all avoid. I wish for things to get better but can't do it without others.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 33 / Strangers & The Outside World

    I talk about some projects that have cropped up lately with people trying to break down the isolation walls between people and strangers.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 32 / Dealing With Disappointment

    How you deal with letting your expectations get away on you (which results in disappointment) can tell you a lot about yourself.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 31 / Be Vulnerable

    I try to sort out my feelings about being vulnerable and why that isn't supposed to be.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 30 / Offering Something Is Better Than Nothing

    I offer some uneducated fatherly advice that I know nothing about at all. But, hey, offering something is better than nothing, I think?

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 8 - The Flush Twins & The Pair Guy

    We've battled it out in a variety of games but poker seems to bring out our inner warriors. And why do jerks get ahead of nice people?

    The ShaneCast / Episode 29 / The Quantum Voices

    I talk about my love for high level maths and quantum mechanics. Yet, I know almost nothing about the subject but it still fascinates me!

    The ShaneCast / Episode 28 / I Looked & People Liked (Or Not)

    I chatter a bit about my experiences with artistic feedback and how I deal with it... or not. I also become a little addicting to stats for my podcast and I shouldn't ever do that

    The ShaneCast / Episode 27 / Getting Dangerous

    I talk about some of the little projects I have been working on...

    The ShaneCast / Episode 26 / The Internal Zen of Camping

    How urban people survive is beyond me. Here is what I used to do to cope.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 25 / Much Thinking, So Much Thinking!

    I think a lot and discuss things about life, purpose, and some other stuff.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 24 / My Talking Relationship Butt

    I talk a lot about relationships and claim I know more than I really do.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 23 / Talking About My Failures & Yours

    I make a few admissions and talk about how failures should not dismiss our value.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 22 / Performing With The Bastard Children of Mick Jagger

    I chatter about how when we record, video, share -- we all perform. We're all liars.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 21 / Straight As A Pinball

    That's it! I've had it! Enough apologizing and more doing! ACTION!

    The ShaneCast / Episode 20 / Searching Still & Getting Somewhere

    I chatter more about who I think I am and everything in between.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 19 / Where Did Adventure Go?

    I talk about how adventure and how this sense of excitement doesn't seem to happen any more. And some other stuff...

    The ShaneCast / Episode 18 / Fandom: Good or Bad?

    I touch a little bit on fandom because there have been some terrible things going on in the world of Internet celebrity these days

    The ShaneCast / Episode 17 / It Is Mother's Day & My Mother Rocks!

    It is indeed Mother's Day and I talk about my mother and how much she raised an insane son. (NOTE: This episode is out of order since I recorded it last week but due to a laptop rebuild, it was delayed. Trying my best, people!)

    The ShaneCast / Episode 16 / What's In Your Digital Legacy?

    This one is a bit all over the place but I try to sort out the world of having a digital legacy. What sort of legacy do you think you may have in the digital realm or do you even want one?

    The ShaneCast / Episode 15 / Don't Regret A Thing

    I talk a little (or a lot) about regret and how life is not going to work out the way we all think it should. Of course.. are we programmed to think of life as a series of planned stages or do we take it by the horns and smash it's face in?

    The ShaneCast / Episode 14 / The Stigmatic Realities

    I try to talk about real stuff and mental health. Who knew I was so out of my depth!

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 7 - Blowing On Dice Really Is Magic

    We try to play Monopoly but Allyson is incredibly focused on the prize and not the conversation. It gets ugly...

    The ShaneCast / Episode 13 / What Can You Do With Expectations?

    I talk a lot about expectations and how they influence our lives every day far more than I think we're all willing to admit. Maybe the other guy isn't such a jerk after all...


    Just talking a little about how I am breaking free from the fear monster.


    Allyson McGrane guest stars and we talk about Valentine's Day... and I stepped in dog poop.


    Dammit, fear! Why don't you just leave me alone!


    Whoa, friends, family, and other stressful things takea hit in ths episode. Don't get confortable quite yet as you may be next...


    Crack addicts, e-mail, business, and other things are discussed in this episode. I am all over the map but I make it interesting or, at the very least, confusing to listen to. Make sure to listen closely.


    This one is from the vaults. Recorded back in 2012, I was apparently annoyed by a bunch of people talking about how there is truth to existence or something. I was a little pissed off.

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 6 - From The Vault of Avenue Q

    This one is from the vault. We recorded this episode (when the podcast didn't have a title yet) back in January of 2011 right after we hit up a production of Avenue Q. We chatted about some other productions and just follow that train to see where it went.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 12 / It Is My Mother's Fault!

    I worship my mother in this episode and make sure you all understand that it was she who introduced me to recording audio. And a Happy Mother's Day to my mom! She rocks!

    The ShaneCast / Episode 11 / Where Do You Put Your Stamps?

    I talk about letters and how letter writing, I hope, will change my life... or your life, or that life you wanted to live. Or something equally funny.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 10 / Smooth Talking Radio Programs

    I try to make a case for talking about meaningful things but, as usual, I drift around and follow the paths in my brain matter.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 9 / The Fear Makers

    I talk about fear and how it can paralyze you... I have been suffering with this for a very long time and, I think, I have become fed up. I have challenged myself to fight back and relax... the fear for me, not much longer.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 8 / Blowing Out The Fog

    More about how to blast the thought fog from your brain. Everything that you think can get stopped up... but w

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 5 - Roll The Dice Poetry

    We make a new game with magnetic poetry tiles and demo it live... sort of. Lock Fulton guest stars.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 7 / The Monsters Under The Ford

    I talk about Rob Ford. Why? I have no idea but I think there is more to the situation than meets the eye...

    The ShaneCast / Episode 6 / It's All About The Captions

    In order to push my recording forward, I decided to challenge myself. I have a few friends who are deaf and some of mentioned they wish podcasts had captions or people took the time to write out what they have said. Thus begun this challenge...

    The ShaneCast / Episode 5 / That Was Twenty Years Ago

    I feel like there are fewer days ahead than behind me. I know this is most likely bullshit but -- hey, when you can reference thing in the previous 20 years of your life... you may have these questions too.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 4 / You Can't Tweet 911

    Why don't you call people anymore? Telephone calls are annoying you? Well, notifications for other communication services are equally annoying. Are you going to tweet 911?

    The ShaneCast / Episode 3 / Walking A Think Red Line

    I lay it out on the table as to where I stand about a few things -- the universe, religion, and the universe. I tried to tackle the more important things in this life. Just some of the big things.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 2 / Back In Black

    I've been away for a while and I tell you all about it. Well, not too much... just enough to make you curious and want to get up all in my business. You're name isn't Skeletor, is it?

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 4 - Go Fish & Make It Worth Your While

    We talk about a bunch of things such as the history of Go Fish and how it differs from a lot of other games. It is indeed a unique game of cunning and evil doing.

    Shoes In The Living Room - Munchkins Love Downton Abbey During The Apocalypse

    Lock Fulton appears on this intense Munchkin-centric episode and he helps us fight against the pending apocalypse. We also dish on all things Downton Abbey because it is cool just like the BBC.


    Just talking about work some more... yah, that is about all I talk about these days.


    Just talking as I normally do... almost two years after the last talking thing I normally do.

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 2 - Trademarks & A Visit To Whiskey Town

    We talk about Candy Crushes gaining a trademark on the word "candy". Of course, there are certain limitations yet Shane is outraged. This turns into a conversation about Apple and their history with trademark lawsuits and a bunch of other related things.

    Shoes In The Living Room - Episode 1 - Just Who Are These Crazy People?

    We talk about a whole bunch of stuff that you normally talk about all the while playing a few hands of cribbage. This is the first episode in what we hope will be an ongoing series and fun and excitement. We don't script our show and whatever is discussed is... well, it becomes the topic of the episode.


    I appear to be talking a lot about this stuff of late... it seems to have latched on to my brain and it won't let go. This will be the last for a while because, wow, am I trying to be a Debbie Downer - or what!


    Ah, yes. Mr. Narvey is back. He is guest podcasting and we talk more about relationships and all of that. I must have a one track mind these days.


    I start out talking about why I named this podcast The Sound of Awesome and, somehow, find myself talking about phones during dinner and in most social situations. Don't know if you fell this way but mobile devices should be limited... to getting smacked up the side of your head! Just kidding.


    I yabber about negative attitudes, how to fix them, and how Jonathon Narvey keeps me sane.


    I muse on a bunch of things about relationships, emotions, and all of that. Am I right? Wrong? Who knows, it is always a big huge mess when people try to reason these things out.

    The ShaneCast / Episode 1 / I Want To Suck Your Blood On A Saturday Night Fever

    This is the first episode of The ShaneCast. I put this together back in 2012 and haven't done any since. In this episode I talk about how I have been doing a podcast since the late 70s. My mother is am amazing woman and she decided that recording my little self was a great idea.


    Here we are, on the way back from my visit to Victoria. How I like to drive and how the pugs are not so happy about the whole thing. The introduction of "The Ticker".


    This is more of a warning. Learn how pugs HATE cars. Learn how they wish they were doing anything else.


    Another episode and another guest appearance!

    I hadn't given a huge amount of thought to the Book Warehouse because I shopped there only once in a while - but I am sad to see it go.

    We also talk about some other random things about the changes from physical to digital media... and how I don't like it too much.


    It was a brief but quite odd experience. I was walking along, talking to myself, holding my phone in ways that caught their attention. They asked me about what I was doing and one of them knew what podcasting was. You rock, Vancouver Police Department.


    Or is it just a different way that a lot of people don't understand. Here is a personal rant about how I struggle with being a huge introvert, how it gets me into trouble, and how I resent it.


    Ally makes a special appearance in today's episode. We talk about purses and how fashion hurts girls.


    Yah. You heard me. Vancouver City Council had better get on this immediately. Die, Alder Trees!


    Where I talk about my pants, height, and all of that stuff.


    Nothing terribly exciting but it is a site where you can see pretty much everything I am doing online.


    Just a quick trip to the new club I am a member of.


    Just a quick review of 2011 (sorta) and how I am looking forward to looking up.


    There has been some talk about the holidays being over and I think it is not true. My dad had a knee replacement and I learned about the value of doing things slowly for a change.


    I made it to the Vancouver Blogger Meetup. Surprising, I know. Should I not be out there representing the culture I help to create?


    So, this is 2012, huh? I don't see the difference. Let's all get used to change and move forward. That is what we are supposed to do, isn't it?


    I had a blast tonight and I had no idea that I would. Oh, I also feel very old.


    Back to the grind stone and moving forward with cryptic descriptions.


    Another day done.... Time to rest.


    Hey, if you aren't podcasting, what are you doing with your time?


    It got cold. I blame the cold. Yah, the cold.


    Go she her show.


    Another in a set of rambling confusion as I state my coming weekend...


    Exploring a bit as to why I am crazy...


    The SoA continues...


    Just a quick note that I am back in action.


    From the top of the world, I hike at 4000 feet.


    Ugh. Broken record, man.


    Feeling tired last couple of weeks...


    Yah, well, one needs to take the long road around...


    Surprisingly, I have things to say that I don't think I can say... Weird, I know.


    Do something new or special before you regret it...


    Just a little thanks the crew. Sucking up mode: on.


    Can't sleep. Here's a late night blabbering about PAB.


    This event rocks...


    Holy, Hell. What is it with this humidity?


    Yah, PAB! Boo planes.


    After the distraction...


    Day after tomorrow, I will be in Ottawa.


    When is there too much work in your fun? Can you survive insanity?


    Will the services we use to share our digital selves explode at some point in the future? And will our speech and freedom go with it?

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 13 - Reflection?

    Maybe we will all reflect on what happened.

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 12 - Why Didn't We Stop It?

    We failed Vancouver. We allowed a riot to happen.

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 11 - Other Podcasts I Do

    The S&M Rants
    Two Nerds
    The Social Nerdcast

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 10 - Thinking It Real

    Where thoughts become reality. I chatter about quantum theory and how I would like that my thoughts would be able to live on outside of who I am.

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 9 - After The Fire @ Thalesque

    A fire started during one of our events... this is the result.

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 8 - Rockin' The Card Deck

    Playing games with others... can get you down some days.

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 7 - Being Perfect Sucks

    Yah, well, we all think we are, don't we?

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 6 - Vancouver Rain

    Okay, well, if you live here you have to complain or love it some time.

    The Sound of Awesome - Episode 5 - Gotta Be Somewhere?

    You gotta be somewhere, and I gotta be somewhere. Make sure you get to that place at that time. Don't ignore it.

    The Sound of Awesome / Episode 4 / No Music In The Streets

    No music? No, No! There is a tonne of music out there.

    The Sound of Awesome / Episode 3 / Make Love to Books

    I challenge you to love your books... no, LOVE, your books.

    The Sound of Awesome / Episode 2 / Too Much Responsibility Makes Shane a Blah Blah

    Another episode where I talk about being overworked and... stuff.

    The Sound of Awesome / Episode 1 / Welcome to The Sound of Awesome

    We all have to begin somewhere. This is a podcast where I have rules: I must be going from one place to another, and I must be walking. These are the things I think about... love it or hate them.

    The Vicious Bunny Podcast / Episode 3 / Christmas Content

    We decided to do a Christmas podcast and just mention a few things we wanted to improve over the next coming months with various things in our businesses.

    The Vicious Bunny Podcast / Episode 2 / The Value of Web Development

    Episode 2 of the Vicious Bunny Podcast is a casual discussion about the value of web development and how years of undercutting and devaluing (due to various influences in both technology and social perception) have hurt the industry.

    The Vicious Bunny Podcast / Episode 1 / Talking About Blogs

    This is our first podcast. We were just getting used to recording together and this is our fourth conversation - and the first one worth posting! We kept this discussion down to 15 minutes (roughly) and only scratched the surface about what blogs are.