The ShaneCast - Episode 67 - You Complete Me

I am chattering about what I have been up to and how I built myself a new recording booth. I also get into a few other things you may have already heard. But... hey. That's me.

The ShaneCast - Episode 66 - Getting Sorted

First things first, I wrote a book. Please do check it out because it is incredibly pretty and I am going to toot my horn about it over the next little while because I am quite proud of it. Oh, and I did another episode of the ShaneCast talking a lot about my book and some other stuff.

I am fighting my way to complete some challenges I set up for myself and I am ready to kick said challenges asses.

The Late Hour Podcast - Episode 1 - Where It All Began

A couple of friends sat down one Sunday night and talked about doing a podcast together. This is the first episode that they did a month or so later. It covers all kinds of topics... late at night.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 115 - What's Up With Small Talk?

I talk a bit about small talk and how it is hard for some people to start chatting with people they don't know. I am not one who is very good with small talk but I try my best. I do know many people who have no idea how to begin, end, start, stop, etc. They are completely lost. They prefer (much like myself) to skip over the small stuff and treat people as if they are kind of awesome right away.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 114 - Hard Connections

I talk a bit about friends and being vulnerable and how it is those two properties of people in the world are what makes life and friends worth having and nurturing. Life can be hard and when we feel like we must carry all burdens on our shoulders without having anyone to help us out... that sucks.