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Shane Birley


I have been hosting and sharing podcasts since 2004. Some have lived long lives and others were short and sweet. Below is a listing of all the cool things I have worked on (and some I still have copies of). Click on them below and check them out!

The Sound of Awesome PodcastThe ShaneCast PodcastShoes In The Living Room PodcastVicious Bunny PodcastDyscultured Podcast

I talk about Vancouver and allergies. Yes, riveting.

Episode 70 - The Sound of Suffering

I yabber on about some things related to needing a break and needing some silence. Sensing a trend here...

Episode 69 - Exploring Silence

This one came out of no where. But I tell myself off and what I am going to be doing a year out.

Episode 68 - Setting The Ground Rules

I talk a lot about books and stuff. You may want to get ready for this one.

Episode 67 - Rolling The Storyteller

Recorded right before I hit up Disneyland. I realized I was going to do something silly like (sort of) start a band. Let's see where this goes...

Episode 39 - Yah, I'm In The Band

I talk about looking for silence in my noisy world. I search again for silence in which to record this podcast and the universe appears to get in my way.

Episode 38 - Searching For Silence

We play table top pool and chess. Did you ever try that combination before?

Episode 10 - The Chess Club Pool

We play Scrabble (again) and we manage to make it through without getting to boring.

Episode 9 - Scrabble Sequel

I talk about process and how I make this podcast. It is probably as boring as it sounds.

Episode 37 - The Unsexy Process

Jim Carrey gave a speech about fear, work, and decisions. How do these change your life? A lot.

Episode 36 - The Loving Fear


My name is Shane Birley and I am a creative guy and a huge geek. I went off to school to get literature degree but ended up in the technology industry. I am best described as a technologist or a nerd but I also like being thought of as a poet.

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