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Shane Birley


I have been hosting and sharing podcasts since 2004. Some have lived long lives and others were short and sweet. Below is a listing of all the cool things I have worked on (and some I still have copies of). Click on them below and check them out!

The Sound of Awesome PodcastThe ShaneCast PodcastShoes In The Living Room PodcastVicious Bunny PodcastDyscultured Podcast

I talk about how I am attempting to expand my social circle and crawl out of my shell a bit. I also blabber about conferences.

Episode 35 - Neighbours and Conferences

I get a little intense talking about the human moments I think we all avoid. I wish for things to get better but can't do it without others.

Episode 34 - Avoiding Those Human Moments

I talk about some projects that have cropped up lately with people trying to break down the isolation walls between people and strangers.

Episode 33 - Strangers & The Outside World

I try to sort out my feelings about being vulnerable and why that isn't supposed to be.

Episode 31 - Be Vulnerable

I offer some uneducated fatherly advice that I know nothing about at all. But, hey, offering something is better than nothing, I think?

Episode 30 - Offering Something Is Better Than Nothing

We've battled it out in a variety of games but poker seems to bring out our inner warriors. And why do jerks get ahead of nice people?

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Episode 8 - The Flush Twins & The Pair Guy

I talk about my love for high level maths and quantum mechanics. Yet, I know almost nothing about the subject but it still fascinates me!

Episode 29 - The Quantum Voices

I chatter a bit about my experiences with artistic feedback and how I deal with it... or not. I also become a little addicting to stats for my podcast and I shouldn't ever do that

Episode 28 - I Looked & People Liked (Or Not)

I talk about some of the little projects I have been working on...

Episode 27 - Getting Dangerous


My name is Shane Birley and I am a creative guy and a huge geek. I went off to school to get literature degree but ended up in the technology industry. I am best described as a technologist or a nerd but I also like being thought of as a poet.

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