The Late Hour Podcast

The Late Hour Podcast

This is the The Late Hour podcast! A couple of friends, Shane, Ali, and Dave, get together to talk about those things people only chat about when evenings turn into late nights.

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The Late Hour - Episode 7 - No One Agrees With The Deep Country

In this episode we wander into the territory of discussing other countries politics.

The Late Hour Podcast - Episode 6 - How Weird Is That?

The time is now to declare... that we can't seem to keep on a single subject but we do hard hardest to try. We hit on white lies and how to stay positive.

The Late Hour - Episode 5 - How The Act Begins

We are back and we rehash a few things and wander about a bit. This is one of those times where we're awesomer than our organization.

The Late Hour - Episode 4 - Open The Pod Bay Doors, Dave

I welcome Dave to the show and we talk about all kinds of deep stuff that I can't tell you about since you'll just have to listen to find out what it is we chatted about.

The Late Hour - Episode 3 - Podcasts, Outdoors, and Stuff

This is an episode for the record books. We cover so much territory here, it is worth a listen.

The Late Hour - Episode 2 - Brexit and Freeballin' Energy

We talk about all kinds of things from politics to how to save energy.

The Late Hour Podcast - Episode 1 - Where It All Began

A couple of friends sat down one Sunday night and talked about doing a podcast together. This is the first episode that they did a month or so later. It covers all kinds of topics... late at night.