The Late Hour Podcast

The Late Hour Podcast

This is the The Late Hour podcast! A couple of friends, Shane, Ali, and Dave, get together to talk about those things people only chat about when evenings turn into late nights.

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Fixing The Block World | Episode 12 | The Late Hour Podcast

Saving the world with one chain at a time. Doesn't that feel like there are more chains than we would ever need holding us down?

Our Juvenoia Toward AlphaGo Zero | Episode 11 | The Late Hour Podcast

We talk about how the old fear the new and how the old technology is now fearing the new technology... and how that makes us all robots. We also touch on the coming Holodeck Apocalypse

The Late Hour - Episode 10 - The Mystery of Knowing Thyself

We talk about what it means to know yourself. Is it possible? Is there something we can never know about what makes us who we are?

The Late Hour - Episode 9 - Where We Discuss Popular Psychology Badly

Popular culture and popular psychology collide and we try to sort out the carnage and aftermath of a huge mess.

The Late Hour - Episode 8 - Reality and Being Busy

Dave said he is always busy and he can't possibly be someone who can do another episode... I ask him why.

The Late Hour - Episode 7 - No One Agrees With The Deep Country

In this episode we wander into the territory of discussing other countries politics.

The Late Hour Podcast - Episode 6 - How Weird Is That?

The time is now to declare... that we can't seem to keep on a single subject but we do hard hardest to try. We hit on white lies and how to stay positive.

The Late Hour - Episode 5 - How The Act Begins

We are back and we rehash a few things and wander about a bit. This is one of those times where we're awesomer than our organization.

The Late Hour - Episode 4 - Open The Pod Bay Doors, Dave

I welcome Dave to the show and we talk about all kinds of deep stuff that I can't tell you about since you'll just have to listen to find out what it is we chatted about.

The Late Hour - Episode 3 - Podcasts, Outdoors, and Stuff

This is an episode for the record books. We cover so much territory here, it is worth a listen.