I have been hosting and sharing podcasts since 2004. Some have lived long lives and others were short and sweet. Below is a listing of cool things I have worked on over the years (and some I still have copies of). If you think you want to check out any of the podcasts below, click on the artwork and you will be magically transported to another... uh, website. But come back! Don't leave forever! Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something you like. If not... let's just keep this visit between us. We will never speak of it ever again. Like it never happened.

Podcasts I Created or Helped to Create

The Sound of Awesome Podcast
The ShaneCast Podcast
Shoes In The Living Room Podcast
The Crafty Boys Podcast
The Laste Hour Podcast
The S&M Rants

Podcasts I Participate In
(Or Have Participated In At Some Time In The Past)

Dyscultured Podcast
Talking Is Dead Podcast
The Marshall McLuhan Variety Hour
Best Episode Ever
TV, Eh?
Convicted Cinephiles Podcast
Shane & Susie On Blog Talk Radio