We head off to Iceland this time and try out a more recent creation named Brio. It is a pilsner. It was light, fluffy, and not too bad. But it wasn't amazing...


We fell in love with the Raj Mahal India Ale from the very beginning (*spoilers*) but we were unfamiliar with the unique ingredients. It didn't matter since we loved it anyway. Did we mention that we loved the ale?

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Fullers Vintage Ale is up on the block tonight and we are going to see just how old can you go. We talk a lot about security and online privacy for this episode. Vault 7 stuff. What? Don't know what that is? Maybe you should watch us talk and drink beer....

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We wander around about how much we can't figure out if this one is beer or not... but, it is. No doubt!


We talk a bit about how music from the 1980s is awesome and why drinking a bottle of chocolate beer is pretty darn good too.


Like the adventurers before us, this is the seventh adventure of the seventh day, of the seventh month... or something equally dramatic. We are going fruit beer this time and we all got raspberry beers. One from Vancouver Island and one from North Yorkshire. Tasty!


Our fifth adventure means we talk about chocolate and video games. How could this conversation go wrong? We touch on some older video games like Scorched Earth which is an epic game. Also, we're getting used to doing this and we hope we're making it awesome. Thanks for the positive feedback we've received!


Here we are, people. This is where it all began. Mark it on your calendars because there is no going back! We've hit the scene and we're going to make our mark. We're not entirely sure what that mark will be but we know it will be awesome. Just remember: The boys have arrived on the scene.