The ShaneCast / Episode 59 / The Desperation of Meeting

Things get a little heated with me on this episode. I have been reading far too much about the disconnection of the social media dweller and I think it is incredibly important for us to step back and stop for a while.

The ShaneCast - Episode 53 - Enough With The Machine People!

In this episode, I chatter about how I am attempting to expose myself... to new experiences. I do lapse into the whole evolution of communication rant but not for too long.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 56 - How Social Media Changed A Bunch of Things, Not All of Them Good

I start out talking about why I named this podcast The Sound of Awesome and, somehow, find myself talking about phones during dinner and in most social situations. Don't know if you fell this way but mobile devices should be limited... to getting smacked up the side of your head! Just kidding.