The Late Hour - Episode 5 - How The Act Begins

We are back and we rehash a few things and wander about a bit. This is one of those times where we're awesomer than our organization.

The ShaneCast - Episode 52 - That Bug In My Ear

I chatter further about the disconnect people have between themselves and other human beings. I know it will get old eventually but, right now, I am feeling very strong on the subject.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 56 - How Social Media Changed A Bunch of Things, Not All of Them Good

I start out talking about why I named this podcast The Sound of Awesome and, somehow, find myself talking about phones during dinner and in most social situations. Don't know if you fell this way but mobile devices should be limited... to getting smacked up the side of your head! Just kidding.

The Sound of Awesome Podcast - Episode 14 - When Will The Bubble Break?

Will the services we use to share our digital selves explode at some point in the future? And will our speech and freedom go with it?