The ShaneCast - Episode 70 - We're Not Robots

I ramble about how we're not humans, pugs, being responsible, etc. I am not sure if there is a specific topic in here but I challenge you to help me find it.

The ShaneCast - Episode 53 - Enough With The Machine People!

In this episode, I chatter about how I am attempting to expose myself... to new experiences. I do lapse into the whole evolution of communication rant but not for too long.

The ShaneCast - Episode 52 - That Bug In My Ear

I chatter further about the disconnect people have between themselves and other human beings. I know it will get old eventually but, right now, I am feeling very strong on the subject.

The Sound of Awesome - Episode 54 - Where Emotions Run High, I Ponder On The Emotional Nature of Us All

I muse on a bunch of things about relationships, emotions, and all of that. Am I right? Wrong? Who knows, it is always a big huge mess when people try to reason these things out.